Robert Belliveau

Founder and President

Leading NeonTrain down the track is Founder and President Rob Belliveau. With a background in human resources, Rob has experience working on all aspects of business and process improvement with a specialty in training and communications.

Rob is a former Training Officer with Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency, where he led the project to bring online learning to the Halifax Regional Municipality. Rob understands the challenges with large organizational change and put those lessons to work when he was able to quickly upscale Halifax's learning management system and provide COVID workplace training to over 4000 employees. He is now using these years of experience to help organizations just like yours implement online learning solutions.

Jill Simpson

Vice President - Creative Services

Jill is a learning development and communications professional with over 15 years of experience working within various levels of government and private sector organizations. She specializes in helping clients bridge the gap between traditional learning approaches by embracing technological learning solutions. With a background as an educator and an Instructional Systems Designer, Jill is passionate about building courses that help clients maximize time and efficiencies and solve problems. Having Jill onboard NeonTrain team keeps energy levels high and creativity soaring.

Paige Black

Communications & Operations Lead

Paige is our Communications & Operations Lead who loves writing about what NeonTrain does and building systems to keep the train working smoothly. Paige believes that investing in quality learning can save your team time and money, and especially loves helping our non-profit clients get the most out of their project budget.

She has worked in non-profits, post-secondary accessibility, and delivering government health and safety programming and loves coordinating events that raise public awareness and funds for social causes. She was the 2011 Young Humanitarian Award recipient for Nova Scotia and enjoys refereeing basketball and soccer on weekends. She holds a Bachelors Degree in International Development from Dalhousie University with a certificate in Intercultural Communication.

Bob Huish

Academic Innovation Advisor

Bob Huish is Associate Professor in International Development Studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dr. Huish’s research covers a wide range of topics embedded in global health, social justice, and the consequences of sanctions and embargoes.

His global health work focuses on South-South Cooperation, solidarity, and global health equity. His current works explores how COVID-19 ordinances produce stigma, and its consequences. He is the Author of Going Where No Doctor Has Gone Before: Cuba’s Place in the Global Health Landscape, and numerous articles on global health, and social justice. Dr. Huish is an Adjunct Professor at Western Sydney University, and he held the Ron Lister Visiting Research Fellowship at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand in 2016, was a Visiting Fellow at McGill University’s Centre for Health and Social Policy in 2017, was a Visiting Fellow at the University of Leipzig in Germany in 2018, and of course was a visiting fellow at the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria in 2020.

Dr. Huish teaches several classes on global health at Dalhousie University, including "Pandemic! The Class,” which is a real-time virtual simulation of pandemic management and response. He was named one of Canada’s most innovative educators in the Globe and Mail’s “Our Time to Lead” series. He is also the host of the podcast “GDP: The Global Development Primer” which is available on podcasts platforms everywhere.

Basel Elkhalifa

Business Development Associate

Basel is a Business Development Associate who provides his insights on NeonTrain’s marketing, sales, and technology while learning more and improving these skills. He believes that adopting a learner’s and growth mindset will lead to many benefits such as comfort taking personal risks, higher motivation, higher performance levels, and brighter futures.

Basel traveled to Canada to pursue higher education and get his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Business Administration as well as pursue a year of co-operative education to apply his knowledge and develop his skills. He challenges himself with new projects and different perspectives on important topics to gain a greater understanding of how things work.